Information and Prices

  • Seminars: To learn the method. Please feel free to call or send an e-mail with your request for information including: How much time do you have, how many people are in the course, what kind of institution etc. Training courses could take place from 90 min. to 9 days.

9. and 10.3. 2013  When: 10-13.00, WHERE : BERLIN, Fanny Zobelstr.9  (S-Treptower Park) Raum”am Meer"   120 €,incl handout. Singing into Spring for everybody.  For people with or without talent, experience and patience.  It is like witchcraft, just  simple doing and it works- just like that. Indivuduell wishes are welcome. More Information scroll down.

  •  Coaching songs: 1 Euro per song,  as a MP 3 at I-tunes, CD Baby, or Amazon

1. coaching-songs ( 62 songs + 35 Instrumentals) 

2.Wo ist meine Badewanne? Surfin the Spree in my berlin bathtub 23 songs + 21 instrumentals

  • Instrumentals: Music to sing to- 1 Euro each
  • CDs of your own: Songs you personally choose- 11 musical guardian angels. Songs or instrumentals for your special questions, collection or to give as a present. Plus 3 € shipping. Look at the Covers.
  • Consulting: to make your own song for your team, problem or goal.
  • PDF Learning the MASOOI Method: 10 pages, 2 €
  • lyrics and leadsheets what develops if you sing your own version of the songs. 1 Euro per song


SPRING SUMMER and WINTER Singing WORKSHOPs  for everybody with or without voice in BERLIN:

9. and 10.3. 2013

6. und 7.7. 2013

10. und 11.11. 2013

Adress: Raum "am Meer" Fanny Zobelstr. 9  12435 Berlin.  Across from Universal, beside the Badeschiff and at the riverside.

if you like sing the next sentences in a rythm which suits you. Just play with breath and sound:

I m in a bad mood. Life is not what it should be

Oh how bad... And Singing is stupid, exotic and I can t do it..

 ... here comes change and strength

Oh HOHOHHHOOOOooow baaa-d-d---d

... here comes change and strengkth

I give my self life wiihihith music and rhythm mmmh

... here comes change and strength ohohohoo  I m no longer mad...

 It is like witchcraft, just  simple doing and it works- just like that. You just do it.

Sing your next thought , sentence, sensation. 

People have done it since centuries and it healed them, gave courage and support.

voices from clients: “ So easy. Even me having no ear and all.”  “ I howled and crooned my soroow into dust to be blown away”  “Rhythmicall stamping and snapping

 bring self-assurance and respect  - as cocoaine, but I do-do do it on my own.”  “I use it when I feel I don t belong to anyone, any pack anything and like magic -

  I am connected.  here...” “I didn t believe it of course. But yessss. It s nourishing and southing and - I find wild parts in the little orderly women. me. Yessss.Yeah.Yahhh