Make a song out of it!


Singing your own song is a method to heal, to prevent problems, to get in contact with life, with yourself and your goals. It` s effective, pragmatic and cheap. It` s fun strengthening and makes life more enjoyable.

You can make a song out of every moment of your life. Out of any situation, regarding any subject. You sing what` s there in the here and now:

You are an idiot” (or: a coward, gorgeous, intimidating ...), (Soul or Country? Try both)

I can` t bear my husband” (head of the department, my job, my children…) (Opera, Techno or Folksong? Try one)

How can I manage this?” (Gospel or Punk? Try another)

Through singing the reality becomes changeable. "Playable". Reality get s a flavour which can make the here and now acceptable. Music functions beyond that of our normal values and thought structures. The things and you yourself are allowed to be as they are. First step. Then - solutions appear.

You sing it and then you watch what happens

Suffering, the big black hole and aggression get in rhythm a sparkle a taste and a bearability which is felt and sensed physically. MASOOI is without morals and open to any results.

As in sunshine follows rain, singing about your situation encourages strength, support and humor follow the feeling of being down, or seeing no way out of a dilemma or problem.

People have always sung. Songs for work, songs for partying, for mourning, about fear and living. Children sing because they want to. Why not you?

MASOOI helps if your problems and questions seem to be have no solution, or are unbearable.


MASOOI gives hope

What can you sing

Everything that is there, what you think, see or feel. „This pressure, (this CEO, this dress) is killing me”. Sometimes the solution comes in the melody even if the words are still problemtatic. But sometimes the music, the rhythm gives immetiately room for the next step. Don t push it. Forget the solution in the beginning. Just sing what comes.

How does it work?

Everybody has the ability to change their thoughts, feelings and perceptions. MASOOI is not a way to make art, the song itself can be made into art. But first of all it is a technique to get into contact with life with yourself and others. Your projects and goals. The singing is not important, the song is not important, just what happens with it and through it.

What if I can't sing, carry a tune etc.

It doesn` t matter. People who can t sing can still modulate their moods and wellbeing through singing. The only thing you have to do is make it louder, deeper, higher, slower, quicker, softer and sense which sound helps, what word gives way to another thought, another idea, another solution. MASOOI is like doodling on paper or strechting out on a beach. Just playing with sound and words.

What do I do?

Masooi functions with all musical styles, even the ones you may normally despise. Classical, punk, rock , pop, folk, funk, experimental jazz etc. All subjects and thoughts can be made into song. Songs about insurances, who doesn t understand you, fear of being a social outcast, the relationship which closes you down, or forgetting your legs to shave.

You sing the words and tunes which come your way. Not for results to look at. Just sensing, even stumbling, just having fun, brings lightness and solution. Follow what your ears like, follow what is physically feeding you. Follow where you have fun or enjoyment with your situation. Or if it s something hard follow the way how you can bear it easier. If you have experience with body work try the fundamental moving possibilities with the sound: pushing, grasping, stretching and yielding.

Maybe you ask:” What is there now?” “What subject?” “What part of your body has something to say?”

Or you can use the de Shazer “Wonder questions” :How would it be like, if it were better. How and where could you see the change?“

You can learn this simple and effective method in my training course.

What do I need?

As a coach you don` t need anything. You don` t need to know an instrument.

You don` t have to sing properly and or to know how to make choral arrangements.

If you do know how to do it it - it s fine and you can use it. You can use instruments or computers (e.g. programms like band in a box or garage band, which you can try out for free for 30 days) The only thing you need is, allowing yourself and others to sing about reality in any way. It helps to have open ears and to be curious and playfull. As a musician forget about making good music or money this is just for happiness and growth.