What gives Masooi? When do you use it?

What gives Masooi? When do you use it?

  • It gives courage to get on with the task when you feel insecure about it.
  • It helps you get through mourning.
  • Singing to find your goals and make them felt and sensed physical.

Singing used for resource development

  • For clients, who have problems showing themselves but wanting to do so.
  • Who are afraid to change.
  • Who have little room to be wild, tender or different from yesterday.
  • With singing you can rehearse slowly taking your time.
  • With singing it becomes normal to exersise living

Singing as problem solving

  • To let clients find things, they would never think about in real life. (e.g. Forgiveness. Or anger and aggression from soft spoken and fearful clients. Crying from very uptight up and rational acting people.
  • To rehearse pretending characteristics or showing off with selfcritical and shy clients.
  • To loosen and feel with "control- lovers/needers"

Singing in order to change habits

MASOOI is good, if resistance shows up. If we want to control the process too much and if we are getting hard inside, greedy, impatient or without a clue. To sing the change we are afraid to do. To realize what you are singing (inside) makes a difference.

Singing songs as a support in working with addictions

For example in non-smoking treatments, because singing is the only thing beside nicotine which has a bivalent spectre. You can change your moods in a similar speed as with a cigarette.

Singing with whom and where?

  • With clients
  • With teams
  • With groups
  • In seminars
  • In therapy settings

You may try it out this weekend 22 and 23 October 2022 in Berlin 10-13

Only 6 Participants 6 Hours Price 150€ and a good handout for own work

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If you are relaxed as a Coach it works. This means the singer smiles. Her/his emotional wellbeing gets better, his/her breathing get s deeper. They are finding solutions, another new thought, other perspectives. It` s fun. And it can be so easy ...

It also works if the coach sings.

Masooi gives hope

This simple effective method you can learn just doing it and in my training