Why would you want to buy an instrumental?

  • Try out the method with three instrumentals. Choose from the musical styles three or five. Now- sing or say the same sentence while listening to the instrumentals. What happens?
  • If you don’ t know  how to play an instrumental or have no band but want the feel of it, it may be nice.
  • To have something to help you, to say something which is hard.(You could also use any karaoke you have)
  • Suffering, joy, fear and anger are universal feelings. Somebody has experienced your feeling already therefore the song was written. You may use it for your story.
  • If you have no idea how to change the groove of a subject and the research suggestions quicker, slower, louder, softer, higher or lower are not enough. Then let the band support you. They are there for you.

The instrumentals offered are to put you feelings, subjects and thoughts in another context. Through this, they take on another form and structure, so new solutions and other feelings can come. The instrumentals are suggestions to heal, to grow or to have fun and just groove.