Cay Helmich has an M.A. in Psychology, works as a coach, stress-reduction-trainer and therapist for profit and non-profit organisations and private clients. She believes in free will,  and knows, after 20 years of experience, you can change your thinking and physical well-being with singing. She studied in Berlin, New York und L.A., worked in Berlin, New York, Auckland, Florence and Zurich.


TOM TOM Studio Reinhold Weber

Here the songs were recorded. Mr. Weber is a music arranger, plays the guitar, is a good editor and can help to make a song composition clearer, simpler and more beautiful.

The copyright to the songs, lyrics and music- Cay Helmich


The musicians :


  • Gary Schmalzl
  • Reinhold Weber


  • Daniel Regenberg
  • Simon Anke
  • Hannes Bruger


Bass :

  • Jens Wrede
  • Hartwig Nikolai
  • Matz Steinke


  • Toni Nissl
  • Johannes Hofmann (Spalding Studios)
  • Reinhold Weber


  • Rainer Hess und Lutz Glasenapp


  • Rainer Hess


  • Ralph Denzer


Voice: Cay Helmich

Men`s choirs:

  • Grütz, Littig, Marks, Paschner; Serafin, Freese, Heimberg; Rätz und Schmalzl

Women`s choirs:

  • all Cay Helmich, exept for Corfuedo and Something with M. Schuster and  Six Girls English/German with I. Schulz, B. Becker, E. Kyselka and M. Harper

Choral arrangements und editor:

  • Reinhold Weber

Some songs are labeled BIAB which means, the arrangements were made using a computer- program (band in a box). It is easy to use, if you want to sing to music and can’t play an instrument or you have no band. The other songs were mastered at One-Track Studio Uwe Jansen Harms in Berlin.

Thanks to everybody involved from the bottom of my heart. Cay Helmich